When does school start in your country?

In Italy school starts in September.
In Italia la scuola inizia a settembre.

When I write “school”, I mean elementary school, middle school and high school.
Quando scrivo “scuola”, intendo la scuola elementare, la scuola media e il liceo.

University has a later start, usually in October, some universities even in November.
L’università inizia più tardi, di solito nel mese di ottobre, alcune università anche a novembre.

Elementary school, middle school and high school are also known as “compulsory school”.
La scuola elementare, media e superiore è anche conosciuta come “scuola dell’obbligo”.

Find out more in the video below:
Scopri di più nel video qui di seguito:

When does school start in your country? Comment below!
Quando inizia la scuola nel tuo paese? Commenta di seguito!

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  1. Hello Lucrezia!!
    I’m from Brazil and I’m trying to learn Italian alone, just using the internet and books. And I just want to say that you are helping me a lot!!
    AH!! Your blog and your youtube channel are very nice 😀

    And about the topic, in general school stars in February, in July is vacation and August stars everything again until December!

      1. Ciao Lucrezia! Si, lo so… Ho risposto Isamara (I thought there was an error posting the comment.. It seems, I have posted twice) 😜 Inoltre mi piace la tua channel 👍👍👍

  2. My daughter and son-in-law, who are both teachers, live with their two children in Northern Indiana. Because the children go to school in Indiana, they started school on August 19th. My daughter and son-in-law teach in the state of Michigan (their school is only 10 minutes from their home), and they don’t start teaching until after Labor Day, which is September 7th this year!!

  3. In Australia school starts at the end of January, usually around the 28th January! Universities start at the beginning of March.

  4. In la Nuova Zelanda la scuola comincia al inizio di febbraio e finisce la prima settimana di dicembre. Ci sono quattro semestri e un medio di dieci settimani di scuola, poi le vacanze. La vacanza il piu’ lungo e’ durante l’estate (dicembre a febbraio).

  5. Hello, in Greece the school starts in the second week of September. When we say school we mean elementary, middle school and liceo. Universities start in October. Surprised to find so many similarities in the educational system.
    I try to learn italian alone but it is too early for me to express myself in italian yet. I hope to find the self confidence to try soon

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