An Italian Breakfast (vocabulary)

Hello everyone! Since this morning I posted on Twitter that the word of the day would be COLAZIONE – breakfast, I thought I would write something on it here. So, today’s lesson is about what Italians eat for breakfast (usually, not always)! You can learn some vocabulary related to food (cibo), YAY! Let’s get started…

At home… Usually on a weekend, when there’s time to eat breakfast!

Colazione = breakfast

This is a “caffettiera”

Caffè = coffee (we make coffee with a “caffettiera”)

Latte = milk

Biscotti = biscuits

Frutta = fruit

Marmellata = jam

Fette biscottate

Nutella = Nutella

Fette biscottate = If anyone knows the equivalent in English, please let me know!

At the bar… (which is different from an English bar)

Usually people have a different breakfast because they are in rush and have to go to work/school, so breakfast becomes a fast meal (but healthy and tasty!). At a bar, you would order cappuccino/coffee/orwhateveryoulike and a cornetto (croissant).

Cappuccino e cornetto

If you want to know how to pronounce the words above, stay tuned for the video lesson which will be up tomorrow! I’ll post it here anyway.

Thanks for stopping by! Ciao 🙂


    1. YES! That is right!The only thing I have to say (a tiny slight mistake!), cappuccino is written with two Cs! Well done!

      1. Ahahah! Football vocabulary coming soon!! I just have to organize a some kind of schedule since I have 3 exams I have to study for at the moment!

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