Top 5 tips for learning a language

In the time of globalization, learning foreign languages and being able to communicate effectively is a real necessity. The vast majority of employers are looking to hire people with knowledge of at least one foreign language. Whatever you decide to do, set yourself clear goals and an approximate deadline for achieving them. Try to focus yourself and start reaching your milestones one by one. There’s no need to hurry because whatever method you apply, the results certainly won’t come overnight. That’s why you should be ready to invest a lot of effort during the whole process of learning. The necessary time for reaching your goal isn’t strictly defined. It’s up to you!

By following these tips, learning a foreign language can be an incredibly easy job:

  1. The association game

This is the proof that learning a foreign language doesn’t necessarily needs to be boring and tiresome. Take a piece of paper and choose any word. Then highlight it. Imagine it as a root word which has many other related words. Each one of those words has to lead to the main word which you have randomly chosen. Write all positive and negative associations and make sure that you sort them out by referring to a position rule. So, for example, put the positive one above the root keyword while negative ones will be placed below it.

  1. Take advantage of the internet

Find yourself a partner and call it the Internet. Research around a bit until you find the best translator for yourself. There are many free translators out there, which can do a great job when it comes to enriching your vocabulary. Find some articles and blogs you like to read and translate every unknown word. Do your best to memorize those words so the next time you read the article; you can fully understand it without having to switch constantly to a translator.

  1. Meet new friends online

There are many ways to connect with foreign people online. A lot of platforms such as Facebook offers live chat. Why not find a new friend and talk about some cool topics, news, or even some simple jokes? People like to speak with foreigners, especially those who are curious and want to learn something about different countries and cultures. Another excellent method to improve your vocabulary is to join online forums. Look for those forums based on the country whose language you’re currently learning. Make yourself a profile and start answering your favorite topics.

  1. Leave your comfort zone

Understanding your own language and its rules is crucial before you start learning other languages and their grammatical principals. However, don’t get mad if you make some spelling errors, or simply can’t remember the words and phrases that you already absorbed. Mistakes are a positive component of learning, and they’re necessary for our further progress. The more time you spend on repeating a particular word, a better you’ll memorize it for a future usage. To help yourself remember a word you forgot, try to describe it using a language you’re learning.

  1. Watch movies and listen to music

Watching foreign movies and listening to music are one of the most exciting ways of learning a foreign language. Find yourself a movie of your favorite genre and press the play button. Pay attention to subtitle and the way those actors are pronouncing words and sentences. Once you reach an advanced level of proficiency, you can even consider excluding subtitles. Every language can sound weird in the beginning, but the more you surround yourself with it, the easier you’ll master it. As the time passes, your confidence will considerably increase.


Keep in mind that every language has its own world of meanings, symbols, gestures, and values which you have to explore. The meaning can sometimes be lost due to inappropriate translate. Knowing more languages will expand your limits, and it will enable you to communicate with a wider range of people. Always repeat the things you have learned and don’t forget that the key features for success are time, effort, and passion. Every beginning is hard but once you overcome your fear and build more confidence, the results will be amazing.


Guest post by Lúcia Leite –


    1. Hi Robert! Sure. So, think of a word and write it down. For example: school. Then you think of other words that are associated with the word “school”, so “teacher”, “blackboard”, “study”, “classmate”, etc. You link together words that belong to the same semantic or topic field, if that makes sense. This is a great way to expand your vocabulary 🙂

  1. These are such great tips! I found your vlogs when I first started learning Italian and I would get so frustrated having to stop the video every few seconds to translate. Now I rarely have to stop the video to understand.

    I also recently found my first Italian penpal to write to…but I never would have thought to learn by watching movies or listening to music in the language. Thanks again for the tips, Lucrezia!

  2. Ciao Lucrezia,

    I was wondering if you had any recommendations for Youtube channels in Italian. Not rivals to yourself (so not other language learning channels), but what Italian channels are actually popular in Italy?

    Forse potrebbe essere un buon soggetto per un video?

    1. Ciao!! That’s a great idea, actually. Thank you for your comment. I’ll have to do some research myself because I don’t watch that many Italian channels. I’ll have to find some good ones 😊✌🏻️

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