C’è and Ci sono – There is and There are

Hello everyone 🙂
Today I would like to explain the difference between C’E’ and CI SONO, meaning THERE IS and THERE ARE.
It’s very simple, you’ll see 🙂
Let’s start with easy sentences.
There is a bottle on the table. C’è una bottiglia sul tavolo.
There is a bag on the chair. C’è una borsa sulla sedia.
There is a girl in the classroom. C’è una ragazza nella classe.
As you may have already understood, C’E’ is used when the object is singular.
Let’s see the plural equivalent.
There are two bottles on the table. Ci sono due bottiglie sul tavolo.
There are two bags sulla sedia. Ci sono due borse sulla sedia.
There are two girls in the classroom. Ci sono due ragazze nella classe.
Did you spot the difference? In the last three sentences the object is plural, therefore I used THERE ARE – CI SONO.
Thank you for stopping by 🙂
All the best xx


    1. Hi Ved,

      I do not quite understand your request 🙂 Do you want me to send you an introduction in Italian? Introduction about what?
      All the best xx

      1. I mean to say that how will introduce my self in italian. Like Example: My name is Ved Prakash. I live in delhi, India. I work with a reputed travel company in Delhi, India and I want to get success in every field in future.

      2. Yes, of course. Here it is: Mi chiamo Ved Prakash e vivo a Delhi, in India. Lavoro per una stimata compagnia di viaggi a Delhi e vorrei avere successo in tutto quello che farò in futuro.

  1. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I definitely love reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

  2. Hey Lucrezia! Thank you so much for posting this, it helped a lot. I am in my first year of Italian in gymnasium and we learn things pretty fast so do you have advice for me? I am usually good at languages, I never study for English, it is like my other mother tongue, probably because I have been learning it since kindergarden, but how can I make my Italian more natural I always have to think for a while and I often forget words.Can you help?

  3. “In the room there is a sofa, two armchairs, and a table.” Nella stanza c’e` un divano, due poltrone, e un tavolo. “In the room there are two armchairs, a sofa, and a table.” Nella stanza ci sono due poltrone, un divano, e un tavolo. Is that correct — the first object is what determines the verb?

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