How to introduce yourself and address people in Italian

Hello 🙂 Today I’m going to tell you how to introduce yourself in Italian. It is not that difficult 🙂 Have a look.
My name is Lucrezia  –  Mi chiamo Lucrezia (you can also say “Il mio nome è Lucrezia”, – which is a literal translation- but it is less common to say) or I am Lucrezia – Sono Lucrezia
I am 20 years old – Io ho 20 anni. – in English you use the verb “to be”, in Italian we use the verb “to have”
I am from Rome/ I come from Rome – Sono di Roma / Vengo da Roma
 These are the sentences I would use, so generally the sentences you would hear from an Italian native speaker:
  • Mi chiamo Lucrezia, ho 20 anni e sono di Roma (My name is Lucrezia, I’m 20 yrs old and I’m from Rome)
  • Sono Lucrezia, ho 20 anni e vengo da Roma (I’m Lucrezia, I’m 20 yrs old and I come from Rome)
Now, let’s move on to another important topic, that is how to correctly address people. The only thing you have to remember is that in Italian we have different levels of linguistic register, so depending on the person you are speaking to, you have to be able to choose wether to use a high register (formal) or a medium-to-low register (colloquial). Differently from English, where you use “you” for both formal and informal registers, in Italian we have “tu” which is informal and “Lei” which is formal. (“Lei” is also the 3rd singular person; in English, it would be “she” – we’ll talk about this in the future, because it is quite a complex topic ;D)
1- In the first case, if you are talking to a school teacher, university professor, someone older than you are or simply a person you don’t know that well, you use a formal linguistic register.
Good morning Madame, how are you? – Buongiorno Signora, come sta (lei)?

Good morning Mister Rossi, how are you? Buongiorno Signor Rossi, come sta (lei)?

2- In the second case, if you are talking to a friend, a member of your family or a person you know, you use an informal register. Examples:

Hi Lucrezia, How are you? – Ciao Lucrezia! Come stai (tu) ?
Hi Lucrezia, How are you doing? – Ciao Lucrezia, come va? (impersonal)
It’s quite a lot of information for just one lesson, next time I’ll write about something easy&fun! Anyway, I thought I would be discussing these two topics together since they are related to each other.
Have a great day! A presto.
p.s. do not hesitate to write me if you have any question or doubt (or simply want to send me an email)!

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      1. ciao lucrezia,sory l had make a mestake the phrase is(la presento ……)for example (la presento el siniorena lucrezia)thank you very much,can i know the meaning of your name crazie bella(my spelling is bad perche la prima volta per me scriveri in italiano)

  1. Hi, I just found your blog.. and thank you for this lesson. Also, I am starting now and I would like to know if you have like a “beginners recommendation videos” on your youtube channel. Grazie!

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