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Schermata 2017-04-27 alle 11.06.20Ciao! Se sei finito/a su questa pagina, vuol dire che vuoi sapere qualcosa in più su di me. Mi chiamo Lucrezia, ho 25 anni, sono nata e vivo a Roma. Qui ho vissuto gran parte della mia vita, tranne il quarto anno di liceo, che ho trascorso ad Asker, in Norvegia, e i primi tre anni di università, che ho trascorso a Trieste per laurearmi in Comunicazione Interlinguistica Applica presso la Scuola di Interpreti e Traduttori. Sono tornata a Roma studiare Lingue Moderne per la Comunicazione Internazionale all’Università di Roma Tre. Ho iniziato l’avventura d’insegnare l’italiano e far conoscere la mia cultura al mondo quando ero a Trieste. Ho iniziato prima il blog e poi il canale YouTube, perché sentivo che avrei dovuto aggiungere anche un parte visiva e di lingua parlata al tutto. Sono davvero contenta di aver scoperto che così tante persone sono appassionate alla lingua italiana e all’Italia in generale! Spero continuerai a seguirmi! Mi trovi anche su Instagram e su Facebook!

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Ciao! If you stumbled upon this page, it means that you’d like to know a bit more about me. I’m Lucrezia, I’m 25 and I was born and now live in Rome. I have lived most of my life here, except for my exchange year in Asker, Norway, when I was in high school, and my first three years of university, which I spent in Trieste, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication. I then got back in Rome, where I studied for my master’s degree in Modern Languages for International Communication at University of Roma Tre. I started my “teaching Italian to the world” adventure when I was in Trieste. I first started the blog and then added my YouTube channel because I felt it was necessary to add visuals and sound to the whole thing. I’m really happy that there are so many people interested in Italian language and Italy in general! I hope you will continue to follow along! I’m also on Instagram and Facebook!

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Curriculum Vitae (Studiorum)

02/2018 – in corso

Corso di Aggiornamento in Didattica delle lingue moderne e dell’italiano a stranieri – Refresher course in Didactics of Modern Languages and Italian as a second language

10/2015 – 07/2017

Laurea specialistica in Lingue Moderne per la Comunicazione Internazionale – Master’s Degree in Modern Languages for International Communication
Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome (Italia) Votazione: 110/110 CON LODE

Titolo tesi: I corpora e la traduzione: costruire un corpus parallelo per l’analisi delle strategie traduttive nei documenti europei.

10/2011 – 03/2015

Laurea triennale in Comunicazione Interlinguistica Applicata – Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication

Università degli Studi di Trieste, Trieste (Italia) Votazione: 105/110

Titolo tesi: Il plurilinguismo individuale: strategie comunicative di convergenza e divergenza linguistica usate dai personaggi del film “Slumdog Millionaire”.



      1. Ciao Lucrezia. sono un ragazzo Iraniano. stavo imparando l’italiano da 5 anni fa. Adesso veramente bisogno qualcuno per avere conversazioni insieme. Cosi, imparero piu veloce. perfavore aiutami. puoi parlare con me qualche volta?

  1. Hi Lucrezia and thanks for liking my post – your blog is absolutely perfect for me as the second language I have on my list-of-languages-to-learn is Italian! Look forward to browsing through the posts you have here + following you onwards. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a cool site as I want to learn Italian (at least to order food) at an Italian restaurant since I love the food so much! So looking forward to make this as my new year resolution and with your help it’s so gonna happen! Happy New Year!

  3. The only Italian vocabulary I know are related to soccer: scudetto, tifosi, attacante, and centrocampo, but I learned this as an avid soccer player and fan,, haha. The rest? Uh…
    Subhan Zein

      1. hehehe, I am not a fan of Lazio actually, I just happen to have liked the team since the time of Giuseppe Signori and now they have Miroslav Klose, who is one of my favorite players in the Germany national team. So yeah, my heart is more inclined to Lazio than AS Roma, hehe, sorry I hope you won’t get mad with this. Promise you still teach us Italian? 🙂

        My favorite Italian soccer team is AC Milan. Always. Now I guess when I visit Italy the duration of my holiday should include the day when AS Roma plays AC Milan. So it is not only the usual cultural tour with St Peter Basilica and stuff, but also the fascinating soccer game. What do you think?

  4. I actually just got a dictionary to learn Spanish and thought that i’d learn Italian afterwards. Your blog makes me want to learan both simultaneously. Nice blog. Well done.

  5. Hey Lucrezia, I think your blog is awesome and I’d love to follow you. I’ve been learning Italian since I moved here and I’d say I’m at a B1 level, but I need serious practice and revision! I’ve learned backwards as I learned to speak first and then learned grammar after 🙂 I saw on your contact page that you invite guest posts and I thought of doing that but it would make more sense to just give you my idea right out instead! Have you ever written about “false friends” in language? False friends are words that look similar but mean totally different things. An example is shame and scemo where shame in English means vergogna and scemo in Italian means stupid in English! This is something that really tripped me up a couple of times this year. This could be a good idea for you to write about.

    1. Hi Jess 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment, I’m glad you like my blog! I’ve never thought about writing a post about them because they might be a bit difficult for people who have just started learning Italian (since I have started my blog from the very ABC). Btw, your idea is pretty awesome and I would be delighted if you could write a post about it and explain how you deal with false friends (being a non-native speaker who is learning Italian!). But if you cannot, I’ll plan it out myself in the near future 😀 Thanks again for sharing your idea with me, much appreciated! All the best xx Lucrezia

  6. Hello Lucrezia, I love your awesome blog! Please keep posting. I’ve been looking for such a blog for Italian learners for a long time and finally I found it. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hello Anna! I’m delighted to read your comment, thank you very much! I try to update it on a regular basis, but it actually all depends on how busy I am with Uni 🙂 Btw, tomorrow I’m uploading a new video pronunciation! All the best to you 🙂

  7. Hello!..and thankyou for following my blog “Italy For Beginners”. I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to write any posts this year, but I hope to do something about that soon. Well done on your blog which is very very well written. Good luck .. in bocca al lupo!

  8. Hi Lucrezia! Congratulations on your blog and all the awards you’ve received at such a young age! If you’re ever looking to do some freelance work to make some more money (e.g. with English-Italian translation work), or if you knwo anyone who would, I recently launched a new online workplace focused on meritocracy and transaprency: https://www.cresters.com. I’m just getting started but a few clients are already interested and so I’m looking for talented professionals in every field. If you had a few minutes to check it out and tell me what you think I would be very grateful!

    Anyway keep up the good work and have a great day!

  9. Hi Lucrezia,

    Like many others, I am excited to find your blog and I’m now following you on your FB page as well. Your videos are great! You give me a good platform to learn Italian, and you provide a more practical and real solution to keep my interest going. Please do post more lessons on your page. I am looking forward to enjoying them. Then, how about songs, would you recommend any songs that I can enjoy? I always believe that song is one of the best solutions to help understand a foreign language.


  10. Ciao Lucrezia!
    Glad i stumbled across your blog! Am trying to brush up on some italian skills to communicate with mio ragazzo romano la famiglia! Hoping this might help me brush up and turn my italienglish to better italian! Can’t wait to look deeper into your blog! 😀


  11. Ciao Lucrezia
    Molto brava! I found your blog throughout Italia! Good work! I like the interaction in your blog and will start following. Volgio imparare con il tuo blogg!
    Tutte bene cose!

  12. Lucrezia, thank you for the follow! I’m honored! Have been really enjoying your blog since I found it a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the great instruction and keep up the good work! I especially like your vlogs, so fun to see a little bit of daily life in Italy. Grazie mille!

  13. Sono studente,vado in Italia l’anno prossimo al marzo per studiare.Che brava la tua lezione!(Voglio scrivere di più,ma non posso esprimere in italiano).Grazie!! I do enjoy your blog!!

  14. Ciao, great work, i am a itallian native american, and i am also going to school for linguistics to become an interpretor. I speak russian, arabic, japanese, and mandarin.now, I figure its time i got back to my own heritage lol, it would be great if you could give me some advice on itallian, as the languages i speak now, are quite diffrent, email me a yashuaanzur@muslim.com, hope to hear from you! Ciao!

  15. Ciao, i love what your doing with your blog, im also a linguist. Going for my BA in linguistics, I speak arabic, Russian, japanese, and mamdarin, but being itallian my self, i figured it was time i got back to my own heritage lol, since the languages i speak now, are not similar to Italian, is there any advice you could give to, simplicify, the learning of itallian to a more foreign language than english? Grazie!

  16. It looks as if you’re going for a very practical degree. What are you looking to do after you finish it? Would you like to get a masters or doctorate degree? I would think that a solid job would be attainable for you after university given that you’re studying and interpreting multiple languages, but I don’t know much about the Italian economy. (Although I’ve been reading some news in Italian and from what I understand there are many proposals being made by the government to try and remedy things there.)

    I know I commented on one of your videos remarking on how theory-intensive Italian education is, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were tired of school after all that and didn’t want to do a masters or doctorate!

  17. Hello Lucrezia
    I have began to study Italian using your videos! Thank you. I am in the dissertation phase of my Ed.D. I share your love of language. I did take 5 years of French, but my love of Italian spurs from my maiden name “Zanone” as my grandparents and uncle Pittore immigrated from the Piedmont region in the early 1900’s. I hope to visit some day and be able to speak the language with thanks to you.

  18. Hi, Im from Srilanka. and I love your blog etc. Do you conduct online courses or programs for beginners. As I’m just a beginner I would like to learn to speak Italian the was I communicate in English. Can you help me someway? Can you tell me or help me to know how I can learn to speak Italian the way I speak English in my day to day life?????/ What have I got to do AND HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR ME TO SPEAK IN ITALY AS I SPEAK ENGLISH????? ???????????? AWAITING YOU REPLY PLEASE?///////

  19. Ciao Lucrezia! Mi chiamo Meg. I am 21 as well (well about to be 22 next week) and I am from the United States. I am so happy to find your blog and videos. I am a beginner in Italian but have a passion for the language and culture. Your videos and post are so relatable and fun to watch. I have recently followed you on instagram as well! Thank you for helping me learn and for sharing what you know! Grazie!

    1. Ciao Meg! I’ll turn 22 next week too! Next Monday exactly. When is your birthday? Thank you for the kind words 😊 I really appreciate it! Oh, nice, I’ll follow you back on Instagram then, thanks! Best, Lucrezia

  20. Ciao Lucrezia, I’ve been enjoying your youtube lessons and just wanted to say thank you. We are living in Milan, Italy at the moment and trying to learn Italian. Your videos are just the perfect resource to compliment my language classes. Grazie mille!

  21. Buongiorno Lucrezia, I have been watching your YouTube lessons which are fabulous. We have moved to Milan Italy and are trying to learn Italian. Your lessons are the perfect compliment to our language classes. Grazie mille!

  22. Thank you so much for the videos. I was born in Bologna and knew how to speak for the first years of my life (as a toddler haha), but I forgot how to when I moved to Philippines. Now I’m in America and I want to learn again.
    I’m on Lesson 7 now. 🙂 GraZie again (I can spell it now thanks to you).

  23. Ciao Lucrezia!
    You are great! Currently I’m studyng Italian in one small group (A1 level) and follow your lessons. They are easy and understandable. My suggestion is maybe to have more dialogs between you and someone else in daily situation themes (like in supermarket, caffes, on the street etc…).
    Great job! Keep on goin’.

    Cordiali saluti da Croazia

  24. I love your blog Lucrezia as well as your name 🙂 Love your lessons too..I am on lesson 11.. So excited to see your new videos! I am very new and basic with Italian but I love your country and culture/language so I will try harder so that the next time I can speak at least a few sentences apart Ciao Bella;) Keep the videos coming 🙂

  25. Hi Lucrezia! I’m Giovanna Ly from Malaysia! I’m taking Italian as my major degree. This is the first time I visit your website and I’m looking forward to read more about you and your blog! Piacere! Ti voglio bene 🙂

  26. Hi Lucrezia…… I am currently learning Italian by watching various you tube videos and blogs such as yours which I find to be an excellent source of information. I found your lessons through a you tube advert! I am from the UK and often travel to Lake Garda in Italy. My Wife and I are going again to Limone sul Garda in September. Please view my short film ‘Lago di Garda’ that i made during our time last year. Grazie Mille.

  27. Ciao Lucrezia! Great youtube videos for learning Italian. Thanks!
    Two questions – I’m curious to know how you found it best to learn multiple languages at the same time? For a few years I’ve been learning three. I try for a half hour each day in each language. Do you try to do a some of each language every day or do you stick to one language for a few days or weeks and then change to another?
    Also- you probably know the French and German language schools called Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institut. I haven’t seen one like this for Italian. For vacations I’d like to take 2-3 weeks to a attend an intensive language program for foreigners. Looking for well regarded ones in Italy. Any suggestions?
    Forsa in due anni posso scrivere emails completamente in italiano. Grazie per il tuoi consigli!

  28. Ciao Lucrezia
    Nice job with your youtube videos! Must take quite some time to prepare them, but thanks for doing it! They’re ideal practice for my listening and speaking skill level.
    A question for you-
    You mentioned up above you study several languages . For a few years I’ve been learning three with the help of private lesson and I’m curious what you’ve found is the best to make progress learning three at a time. Do you study a little of each of them every day or do you do a few days of one and rotate?

  29. Lucrezia, I’m so grateful for your work. I’m trying to learn Italian on my own, and also with a wonderful teacher from iTalki.com. You explain things so well, simply and clearly. You are a gifted teacher and a great inspiration. Thank you! – Mickey (next time maybe I’ll be able to say it in Italian! 🙂 )

  30. Ciao Lucrezia, I just got here in Italy last month. And I really want to learn italian. I saw your videos on Youtube. I was wondering if you have it in this blog with link on every lessons (in order) cause I’m having troubles looking for the other lessons I missed watching on your channel. I thought maybe, you deleted it.. so. 🙂 I hope you reply. You’re doing a great job! Thumbs up! 🙂

  31. I have always wanted to go to Italy, so now I am learning the language in the hopes that I actually can go on my dream trip. Your English is so good! I hope my Italian can be as good as your English is!
    Ciao ciao!

  32. Ciao Lucrezia, I really enjoyed your posts. I am already following you on Faceboook and subscribed to your Youtube. I had the experience to visit Italy and Italian lifestyle. One of the best experiences so far. Italian beautiful and vibrant; and the language is like a song. I will definitely learn a lot from your posts and videos. Please keep it coming 🙂

  33. Great resource! Thanks! I am heading for Cortina d’Ampezzo in a couple of weeks and, this time, I would like to understand a bit what is going on around me when people are speaking Italian. It’s great when you just talk in Italian. With the subtitles, and Google Translate, it really helps me to break the jumble of sounds into the individual words and expressions. You are also very pleasing to listen to and to watch, and that also helps.

  34. I just want to thank you for taking your time
    You teach really easley I love the Italian culture and language I speak Spanish so a lot of the words are similar so I hope I can lear one day you’re beautiful language greetings from Arkansas USA

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