Italian stereotypes: true or false?

Hello guys!

Welcome back 🙂

Today I am talking about the most famous Italian stereotypes and what is false or true.

The stereotypes I am discussing today are:

1) Italians use hand gestures to talk

2) Italians are very religious

3) Italian accent

4) Italians eat pasta and pizza

5) Italians are noisy

6) Italians are sexy

Here is the video where I explain and discuss these six stereotypes. Enjoy and leave a comment!

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  1. Lucrezia– I am going to have to agree that the stereotypes you mentioned are true – to various degrees (some more than others).

    By the way I loved the comment about people not knowing how to cook pasta. I am a horrible cook and since I married my husband he would never let me cook pasta again! hehehe… I have a hard time to add salt (didn’t even know there was a certain time to add it) and I don’t make my pasta ‘al dente’. So in my house I don’t do the cooking!! It’s okay for me since I married a wonderful cook by chance.

      1. Looking forward to the video! Although in my case it won’t help unless you stop by and do the cooking for me. I can try it out with the kids though, but they are loving my pasta however I cook it.

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